Korean Skin Care

Ambi skin cream is a natural-looking moisturizer with a scent that is reminiscent of rose petals and leaves an amazing glow on your skin.

You can buy this beauty at your local pharmacy, and it comes in several different flavors.

The beauty of Ambi is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort to use.

You simply mix it with water and apply to your feet.

To apply it to your hands, just mix some water with the moisturizer, dip your hands in it, and gently rub the mixture on your hands.

After you have applied it to the palms of your hands (or to the underside of your nails if you have nail clippings), you will want to dab it on your forehead and rub it on the area around your eyes.

If you are looking for something that is a little more subtle, you can apply it with a hand sprayer.

I love the way it smells on my skin, and I love that it gives me a hint of rose.

The fragrance is definitely subtle, and if you don’t like the scent, you don’ t have to worry about it.

I am not a fan of the packaging because it is a bit expensive, but it is worth the price if you want a natural looking moisturizer.

You will find it at most drugstores and Walgreens.