Korean Skin Care

The first thing you’ll notice about Suki is its unique packaging.

A giant, yellow and green plastic bag has the word “SUKI” and “STORE” printed across it.

And inside the bag is a little, pink silicone bottle with a large, purple circle inside it, with the word SUKI on it.

In fact, the bottle is actually a tiny, pink plastic bottle that Suki says is the size of a dime.

Suki’s formula is also super-soft and non-greasy.

I’m pretty sure Suki would sell for $4 at a store like Target, but this is the only place I saw it listed.

I didn’t find any other product from Suki at any store in my area.

I can’t imagine I would have seen Suki if I’d been in the market for an actual skin care product. 

But Suki Skin Care isn’t the only product that Suksis got right. 

Suki also has a special serum, which is an antioxidant-rich formula that is designed to keep your skin healthy for up to three months.

I have very sensitive skin and I’ve used this serum a few times a week.

Suksi has a wide range of products, and you can find them on the company’s website, at Target, Walgreens, Walmart, WalMart Supercenters, and even Walgreen Home & Garden.

Sukis products are all packaged in a nice, white plastic bottle, and they even offer a free sample to help you choose a product.

SuKis skin care is not cheap, but it’s well worth the investment.

If you’ve never tried a Suki product before, I strongly suggest you start here and see what you think.