Korean Skin Care

In an editorial, the Wall Street Journal said it was “sad” that Lumens products used its brand name in a marketing campaign promoting the products of another Brazilian cosmetics company.

Lumenes “Skin Care Meme” line features LumiNaturals’ own products, as well as a range of cosmetics that have been popular with the internet community.

The article also pointed out that some of the products were branded by other companies that have their own skin care brands, including Lumi Naturals.

Lumi was not immediately available for comment.

The WSJ article was first reported by Brazilian news outlet Folha de S.


A spokesperson for Lumi said the brand had no knowledge of the article.

Lumens founder Lalo Gomes, who is the son of Brazilian billionaire Carlos Gomes Gomes and has built up a global empire through his investments, is widely credited with sparking the cosmetics industry, with his company’s popular line of high-performance moisturisers and face creams and the line of facial masks and facial cream products.