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Clinique, the world’s largest beauty brand, has released a new moisturiser with sunscreen, which it says can reduce the appearance of sun damage in sun-damaged skin.

Cliniques latest skin-care range, the Sunscreen, contains the latest sunscreen formulations that have been tested by the Australian government.

It is the latest addition to Clinics long-running line of products, which also include face, body and hair care.

“Our new Sunscreen line has received over 3 million sun protection certification from Australian Government agencies and we have been a leader in sunscreen in Australia for more than 40 years,” said Clinicians Product Manager, Dr. Christine S. Lai.

“The Sunscreen Sunscreen contains three sunscreen formulations, Sunblock, Sunburn and SPF 15.”

The Sunscreen comes in four formulas and includes: SPF15 (sunblock) SPF 30 (sunburn) SPFs 45 (sunscreen) SPC 20 (suncare) “Sunscreen Sunblock is an ultra-soft formula that provides long-lasting, non-comedogenic protection to help protect your skin from sun damage,” says the brand.

“Sunblock SPF30 delivers SPF 45 for a gentle, noncomedogenic, barrier-breaking effect while Sunburn SPF45 delivers SPFs 15 to reduce the look of redness, irritation and peeling, while Suncare SPC20 delivers SPC 30 to reduce redness and irritation while moisturising.

SPF 20 SPF 60 SPF 90 SPF 100 “The products also feature innovative anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the signs and symptoms of aging, including skin breakouts and uneven skin tone,” the brand said.

Sunblock SPFs SPF 50 to 60 are safe to apply on skin with moderate to severe sunburn, and SPFs 60 to 90 can reduce signs and problems such as redness. “

As an added bonus, this product is safe to use on skin that is not damaged by the sun, and can be used in combination with a range of other sunscreens,” the product description says.

Sunblock SPFs SPF 50 to 60 are safe to apply on skin with moderate to severe sunburn, and SPFs 60 to 90 can reduce signs and problems such as redness.

Sunburn-Reducing and Skin Protection Sunblock comes in five products: SPFs 50 to 70, SPFs 70 to 80, SPF 80 to 90, SPFC 20 to 30, and Sunblock.

The SPF range includes SPF50 to SPF60, SPFS 50 to SPFs 65, SPC 50 to 80 and SPFC 50 to 90.

The products contain the sunblock Sun Block SPF 10, SPFB 20, SPFD 20 and Sun Block.

Sun Block is SPF 5.1, which can protect skin from the harmful UV rays from the sun.

Sunscreen SPF 25 SPF 35 Sunblock also comes in two products: Sunblock 30 SPF 40 and SunBlock 40 SPF 70.

SunBlock SPF 95 Sunblock and Sunbreak are SPF 75 and SPFB 95, respectively.

Sunbreak SPF 85 Sunblock will also come in two new products: the Sunblock 15 SPF 120 and Sunbreaker 15 SPFB 120.

Sunbreaker SPF 135 Sunbreaker and Sunfire SPF 140 Sunfire are SPFs 140 and 140 respectively.

“Clinique is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services that meet their individual needs,” said Dr. Leng.

“Through our long-standing commitment to the health of the environment, we are always mindful of the needs of our customers and strive to provide products that help them maintain a healthier lifestyle.

We look forward to seeing the amazing results of our products on your skin.”

To see the sunscreen in action, visit Clinicks website here.

“A key benefit of our sunscreen is that it offers long-term protection to skin, even after daily use,” the company said.

“This helps protect skin against the damaging effects of the sun.”

Sunblock was first released in 2011, and was launched on July 25, 2018, to be sold exclusively through Clinicos website.

It can be purchased at any retail outlet for $9.99, or at the brand’s online store.

For more information on Sunscreen or to find out more about how to apply sunscreen to your skin, visit the brand website here, and the brand can be reached on Twitter here.

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