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The Best and Worst of The Best article AUSTRALIA’S FIRST WOMAN OF INTERNATIONAL RACE AND GLOBAL RESOURCE MEDIA, the first woman in the history of the International Olympic Committee to compete in Olympic sport, has died, aged 90.

Key points:Jody Murtagh, who was the first female in the Olympics in 1976, died in Melbourne on Wednesday morningSource: ABC News / YouTubeJody, born in Perth in 1943, won gold at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

She was the oldest woman ever to compete at the Olympics, and one of the youngest athletes ever to win an individual gold medal.

Jody made her name by beating the Soviet weightlifting team of Vladimir Petrovich and Yevgeny Petrov, then won bronze in the 100m freestyle and 200m freestyles at the 1972 Olympics in Seoul.

“She was a phenomenal athlete, she had a great heart,” her son, John Murtah, said.

“As a child I used to see her on the track, and I thought she was a fantastic athlete and was very good.”

I think that’s the reason why she is so respected and her name is synonymous with strength and toughness.

“That’s why I’m so proud of her, she was always fighting to be the best and I am proud of the way she competed.”

Her father said she would have wanted to be a champion herself, and hoped that would never change.

“You never know what the future holds, but she would want to be one of those athletes that can look back on her achievements and be proud of what she did and her achievements will always be remembered,” he said.