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CNN A study finds that hair care brands that offer a range of different products can help reduce your risk of getting the condition called bevel, according to a study by researchers at Harvard Medical School.

The study was published in the journal the New England Journal of Medicine.

“This is a very important study that shows that you can have all these different products and have a lot of different options for the products that are available, that will help to reduce the bevel and to reduce that risk of hair loss,” said Dr. Steven J. Schuman, a dermatologist and the study’s lead author.

Bevel occurs when hair shafts rub against each other and form sharp, bumpy bumps.

It is caused by a number of factors including genetics, diet and medication.

Schumann, who is a member of the Harvard Center for Health and Wellness, said the study was the first to test a product with a range and variety of different ingredients that could help prevent bevel.

“It shows that there are a number, a large number of different choices for products that can have a positive effect,” he said.

The researchers found that one of the most effective products for reducing bevel was a combination of zinc oxide, which acts as a lubricant, and ceramides that help remove the bumps and help to smooth out the hair.

The authors of the study found that women who use zinc oxide products had a 27 percent lower risk of developing bevel than those who did not use zinc oxides.

But the researchers cautioned that other zinc oxide treatments could also help prevent the condition.

“There are lots of products that don’t work that are effective for bevel,” Schuman said.

“Some people might not get this benefit.”

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