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Lavalier Skin Care, the company behind some of the most popular oils and skincare brands in the U.S., has come under fire for allegedly misleading consumers on the effectiveness of their products.

The company has come into a new spotlight after an internal audit revealed the company failed to disclose how many skin care products were actually approved by the Food and Drug Administration, according to The Hill.

The audit by Lavaliers skin care division, the Health & Beauty Labeling and Certification Service (H&BDCS), was released this week.

According to the audit, Lavaliere’s BeautyCare skin care line was approved by more than 100 different federal agencies, but only 15 of those approved the products were approved by FDA.

While many companies have come under scrutiny in recent years for potentially deceiving consumers about the safety of their product, this audit is the first time FDA has been able to quantify how many products were in use at any given time.

In fact, the audit found that the FDA only issued 7,000 product approvals for skin care ingredients in 2015, which is roughly the same number as the number of products approved during the entire 2014-15 fiscal year.

Lavalieri Skin Care CEO and founder Alain Raspet recently admitted that his company made an error in the audit and that the company will be changing how it calculates approval rates.

“I’m very sorry to all of you who have been misled by our product,” Raspett said in a statement.

“The truth is, we have to live with the fact that our product was approved, but we have no way of knowing that we were approved and that it was the safest product on the market.”

Lavallier Skin Care received a number of criticism for the audit.

In February, the agency said it was investigating Lavaliery Skin Care for possible violations of federal safety and food safety laws.

Lava Beauty Beauty Cosmetics, which Lavaliesta Skin Care has partnered with on several of its products, received a similar audit from the agency.

LBC Cosmetics also received an audit in May, which said that its products may have been adulterated with other ingredients that could cause illness or death.

The FDA has previously said that there is no evidence that LavalIER Skin Care was actually making products unsafe, but said it would take additional testing to determine the safety or effectiveness of LBC Beauty Cosmetics products.

In a statement to Fortune, LBC said that the audit did not show any evidence of wrongdoing by LBC and that all products approved by regulators are tested on a regular basis.

“Lavalier’s products are approved by regulatory agencies for use in dermatology, dermatological care, cosmetics, and personal care,” the company said.

“We continue to monitor our products for potential safety issues and we take them very seriously.”

LBC is also facing increased scrutiny for other questionable claims.

The agency has said that LBC had a negative impact on the health of people who use its products.

Lambda Cosmetics received an internal investigation in March for its misleading claims about the effectiveness and safety of its product, according the Washington Post.

In addition to Lavalilys Skin Care and LBC, the FDA has also received complaints from consumers who have claimed that LavaBeauty Cosmetics products were contaminated with bacteria.

Lavee Cosmetics has also been criticized for misleading consumers about their effectiveness of its moisturizer, LavaCreme, according an article in the New York Times.