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GONE WITH THE WIND star, the last of his generation, has died at 95.

The Oscar winner, who was born in England in 1918, died of a heart attack at his home in London.

He was a member of the B.C. Lions football team.

He had been living in London since his late 70s.

“Gone With the Wind” star Edward Norton died Saturday at age 95, his family said in a statement.

Norton was a big-time Hollywood star.

He starred in “Gone,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “The Deer Hunter” and the movie “Godsend.”

In his early years, Norton was the best-selling writer of children’s books and “The Great Beauty” was a best-seller.

He also wrote a children’s series called “Merry Christmas” and a childrens book called “Christmas Eve with Jack and the Beanstalk.”

His first film, “Goonies,” won a Golden Globe for best children’s film in 1957.

Nieton was also a regular at New York’s famed El Capitan Theatre, where he sang, played piano and played the trumpet.

He wrote a book called The Best Christmas Album Ever.

“He was a gentleman who made an impact on people, and he left a legacy,” said Richard Lister, Norton’s brother-in-law.NORTON WAS THE FIRST ONE TO JOIN THE BOLSHEVIK FAMILY The Bolshkovs were born in the same house in London as their father, Vladimir, who lived in Canada.

They were raised in a Russian family and their grandparents are Russian-Canadian.

His grandfather, Ivan Bolshakov, was a banker and a member the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

His great-grandfather, Konstantin, was also born in Canada, and his great-uncle, Nikolai, was born and raised in Russia.

The Bols were the first family to adopt the surname “Bolshakov” from their Russian immigrant father.BOLSHOV IS ONE OF THE GREATEST PLAYERS IN PLAYING LIVESBolshev was the first Russian-born player to play in the NHL, joining the Detroit Red Wings in 1969.

He retired after the 1981-82 season.

His best season came in the 1980-81 season, when he scored 33 goals and was named a Norris Trophy finalist.

In 1984, he played in his 15th season in the AHL with the Grand Rapids Griffins.

The next season, he was traded to the Dallas Stars, where the two played together for four seasons before being traded to Los Angeles.

He returned to Grand Rapids in 1986 and played five more seasons in the league before retiring.NEXT: Bolshovs’ father, who played for the Boston Bruins, dies