Korean Skin Care

LOS ANGELES — A Korean cosmetics company says it is offering its products in a bid to help people who are allergic to the common cosmetic retinol, which is also found in skincare products.

The Korea Skin Care Co., the world’s biggest makeup company, said it will sell its products, including its retinoid creams, at the Korean cosmetics market starting July 1, the company said in a statement.

The retinoids are the active ingredients in retin-A, which helps protect the skin against the damaging effects of sun damage.

Korea Skin Care is owned by the Korea Pharmaceutical Industries Association.

The company also owns a number of smaller Korean cosmetic companies that sell cosmetics for consumers.

Korean cosmetic products have a long history of use in Korea, where many people suffer from sun damage and dermatitis.

The cosmetic industry is a major contributor to the nation’s economy and has been growing rapidly.