Korean Skin Care

Aussie skin care brands are trying to break into the global market with new products in a bid to keep up with the competition.

The competition has been fierce and with the launch of its latest line, Infinity, this week the beauty giant is hoping to build on its global reputation by offering products from its own brand, Mario Skin Care.

The new line is set to hit shelves in Australia on Tuesday and will feature 15 of Infinity’s best-selling skin care range, including a range of foundations and a moisturiser.

Infinity says its new skin care line, which will debut in Australia, will help customers to stay healthy, look and feel their best.

“We’re thrilled to launch the new Infinity skin products line with our Australian customers and we are very excited to see the reaction our new line will get across,” said Dr Michael Rafferty, vice-president of Infinitus, in a statement.

“[It will be] a fun, fresh and healthy new offering to our customers.

Read more: Infinituses brand of skin care is launching in Australia in 2019″Infinity skin cream and foundation, which comes in two flavours: Infinitus Skin Glow and InfinitUS Skin Glow Skin, will cost $34 for a 250ml jar and $44 for a 300ml jar.

It comes in a range including skin creams, serum and cream moisturisers, with the most popular products in the skin care category including a skin mask, facial mask and facial moisturiser, along with skincare, eye cream and moisturiser products.

You can also expect the new products to include products that help with skin blemishes, redness and sun damage, according to Infinitius.

However, Infinitis’ new skin products are not the only new products coming from the company.

Last month, Infiniys parent company, Unilever, announced the creation of a line of “skin-care essentials” to help customers stay healthy and avoid the skin problems that can come with ageing.

Unilever’s “Skin Basics” range includes an assortment of essential skin care ingredients including essential oils, vitamins, essential oils and minerals, as well as a range to protect and moisturise the skin.

This month, the company also launched a range called “Skin Protect” that features moisturiser with a range that includes ingredients like jojoba oil, avocado oil and avocado oil, which can be used to protect against the signs of ageing.

Unilevers Skin Basics skin protection pack.

(Unilev Skin Basics)In addition, Unipoint, which was founded in 2000 and has a presence in Australia and New Zealand, has a range for older people.

There are a range items such as a facial mask, an eye cream, a moisturising moisturiser and a cream that is meant to protect the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet light, according a Unilevers spokeswoman.

For younger customers, Universo’s “Million Beauty” range is also available, including products to protect, moisturise and moisturize the skin including a face mask and a serum, which is intended for children and people with sensitive skin.

“It’s all about the skin and the people who are looking after it,” said Universe’s product director, Claire Stirling.

She said the new skin brands were “a fantastic way to add value to your brand”.

“We have a global network of more than 2,500 brands and the Infinities are just one of them,” she said.

“So it’s really important that they all work in the same way to make sure that everyone is protected.”

The new Infiniuses skin care lines will be available in Australia from Tuesday, March 14.

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